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How would you characterize the potential of art?
Geert-Jan: On a micro scale - I think art is one of these conditions that you only realize when it's gone, so in social structures where art is dead, aider suppressed or killed the real colour dissappears. In my hometown Amsterdam many artists left as living was too expensive working too difficult. Amsterdam has become a sort of Disneyland with only artificial colours. On a macro scale - if you look at history art has had a strong influence poltically and socially, but it is not the decisive force more the indirect power.
Carsten: Art may be able to change your perception of every-day-life.

Which possibilities/qualities and limitations do you find in sound as material?
Geert-Jan: There are no limitations to the possibilities of sound - only  to my capability to find them.
Carsten: If I could define this, I would not experiment with sound anymore.

How does musical time differ from the regular and measured time of the clock?
Geert-Jan: Have you never been to a very good or a very bad concert? Have you never awakened from a concert not knowing the time or been tortured by the difficulty to leave the room? If you have, you know the answer - if you have not, you don't understand the meaning of music and we can't explain it to you.
Carsten: Time is just a concept.

What characterizes you work to this year's SPOR festival?:
Geert-Jan: It will be a marathon for us and the material. We do not know how we will make it to the finish.
Carsten: We never have time to do rehearsals, with this, we have.


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