Århus has a long tradition as a forward looking and visionary platform for the contemporary music and sound art. This position was especially established via the annual NUMUS festival - established and realized by the composer Karl Aage Rasmussen over a period of 25 years. SPOR shares the same goal as that set by NUMUS: to create a festival which is alive, visionary and full of power. SPOR took place for the first time in 2005 under the leadership of Thomas Agerfeld Olsen with the composer Niels Rønsholdt as curator. From the start SPOR was met with enthusiastic reviews and excited reactions from the public.
SPOR 2007 was the largest festival in SPOR's history and made a broad mark for itself both internationally and in Denmark. As a result of this success the festival's board decided to continue collaboration with Anne Marqvardsen and Anna Berit Asp Christensen, the curators for SPOR 2007 who in June 2007 became the festival's new leaders.
The new leaders vision for SPOR is a festival that thematize, actualize and promote the arts. SPOR is a festival that creates a platform for stronger connections to the international sound art and music scenes and therefore fruitful exchange that can inspire artists and further develop Danish contemporary music. SPOR's mission is to present national and international sound-art and contemporary music of high quality to a Danish and international public. The festival should at the same time engage and stimulate debate by dealing with themes and issues that are crucial to our time.

Behind SPOR stands a the Board, made up of active composers and musicians from the Aarhus music scene: Lasse Laursen, composer and teacher at the Royal Academy of Music in Århus//Jens Voigt Lund, composer and editor of (vice chair)//Anna Berit Asp Christensen (festival director)//Anne Marqvardsen (festival director)

SPOR is looking for someone to curate SPOR 2010. If you want to take part in the competition to work as curator please send your programme suggestions to us before the 1st August 2008

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